Come, Get to Know Types of Covenants and Excellence of Islamic Credit Cards

Today’s society is increasingly spoiled by the presence of various banking products that can be a solution in the midst of uncertain economic conditions. One of the most popular banking products by many people is a credit card. Its presence is indeed very easy for users to meet various needs of life, ranging from primary, secondary, to tertiary.

Interestingly, if we have known credit cards only as conventional bank products, now Islamic banks also issue credit cards for their customers and non-customers.


Interest Substitution Agreement

4. Not Paying Attention to Payment Date

His name is both a credit card, of course, has the same function as a non-cash payment instrument. However, Islamic credit cards do not know the name of the interest system like conventional bank credit cards. Instead, credit card products issued by the Islamic bank will use a system of various kinds that have been regulated in accordance with Sharia law.

Well, those of you who plan to have a sharia credit card, it’s good to know in advance the types of contracts on a sharia credit card so that it knows which one best suits your needs.


Excellence of Islamic Credit Cards

credit cards

When seen in general, credit cards in conventional and sharia banking products have the same function. However, they certainly have distinct advantages, including:

1. In accordance with Islamic Values

The name is also an Islamic credit card, automatic use will also be guided by Islamic values. Sharia credit card users will be free from other usurious fees. In addition, Islamic credit cards also limit a number of transactions that do not reflect the value of Islam such as buying liquor, to going to clubs and so on.

2. Using a Non-Interest Covenant System

As already mentioned, in carrying out its role, Islamic credit cards do not recognize the term interest, but the contract. So, all Islamic bank revenue from the Islamic credit card product is purely obtained from the contract.

3. Fines Made Charitable

In a sharia credit card also has a payment system of penalty fees charged to customers if they experience delays when paying monthly fees. However, the cost of this fine will not be taken by the bank, but all the cost of the fine will be distributed to charitable institutions.


Feel the benefits

1. Credit Card Application Bonus

Every credit card offerings given by Islamic and conventional banks do have a number of different policies but still have the same function. However, before deciding to have a credit card, you should first understand which credit card question suits your wants and needs. That way, you as a user can feel and enjoy the full benefits of using a credit card.

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New plants at home: here are the most convenient loans

Spring is coming, but there are those who already have their minds projected to summer and to hot temperatures. Many, in this period, are thinking of buying an air conditioning system to cope with the high temperatures that sometimes in the warmer months force us to gasp at home.

As detailed in the news “How to buy an air conditioning system with a loan”, Cream bank allows you to compare the best loan offers and receive a free and no-obligation loan quote. We start from a simulation and assume that a 40-year-old applies for a loan for home systems worth $ 5,000 and lasts 48 months. Suppose the applicant is a lawyer residing in Rome. Let’s see together which are the most advantageous solutions.

The best loans for an air conditioning system

money cash

Lender Lite Credit’s personal loan is in first position with a monthly payment of 117.52 dollars (Taeg 6.21% and Tan 4.33%). The initial costs amount to $ 170.63. Those with demonstrable income and an age between 18 and 70 can access this funding. There are no compensation payments in the event of early repayment, either full or partial. Furthermore, no guarantees are required. Once the request for funding has been received, Lender Lite Credit will contact the customer by phone and email, providing all the details on the steps necessary to obtain the loan. The customer is therefore contacted by e-mail and the amount is paid by bank transfer to the current account of the applicant.

Another convenient solution is Lite Cream Credit Jobs which offers a monthly payment of 118.00 dollars (Taeg 6.43% and Tan 6.25%). You can proceed online with a digital signature and there are no additional costs. The initial costs amount, in fact, to zero dollars. This loan is reserved for employees, self-employed and retired workers. Among the permitted purposes are: home systems and home renovation. The loan can be supported by surety guarantees. Findomestic then informs the applicant about the outcome of the evaluation of the loan request by phone or email.

The amount is paid by bank transfer to the current account or by a check sent with a conventional policy

money cash

There are no preliminary costs with Agos Personal Credit which provides for a monthly installment of 118.05 dollars (Taeg 6.69% and Tan 5.40%). The initial costs are equal to 16 dollars. The loan is intended for individuals with demonstrable income documentation. The outcome of the evaluation of the loan request will be communicated by e-mail by Lender Lite Money and confirmed also by e-mail from Cream bank. In addition, the customer will receive the transfer to their bank account. The refund is made by direct debit from the current account. The beneficiary of the loan agrees the expiry date with Lender Lite Money, within a maximum of 38 days from the disbursement.

Another useful loan for the purchase of systems for the home is People Lite Loans, which provides for a monthly installment of 118.11 dollars (Taeg 6.78% and Tan 6.30%). The main advantages of this loan include: internet and telephone management, the absence of preliminary costs and installment collection.

The initial costs are equal to 16 dollars

The loan is aimed at holders of demonstrable income aged between 18 and 72 years. The outcome of the assessment of the investigation will be communicated to the customer by e-mail sent by Cream bank for the name and account of People Lite Loans SpA. The customer receives the transfer to the current account within 48 hours of receiving the contract signed in detail.

Good Lender Bank’s personal loan with a monthly payment of 119.50 dollars (Taeg 7.37% and Tan 6.90%) is among the best loans for the purchase of home systems. The initial costs amount to $ 12.50. There are no preliminary costs or installment fees. Furthermore, with Good Lender Bank it is also possible not to go to the branch.The loan is aimed at individuals, residing on Italian territory, with demonstrable income and with an age between 18 and 80 at the end of the contract. All customers must have a bank account. The customer will receive a transfer to his / her current account; the monthly installments are repaid by direct debit from the current account.

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